the in-between

I've been on the brink of paralysis all day. yep, you're right to think that it was all because of my final exams in maths. 

in the early morning I was very edgy and uptight. I've never showed any signs of genius when it came to maths. so I was prepared for the worst. to cheer myself up I had to pamper myself with a decent cup of coffee before the exam. and it was a good idea. its delightful smell made me feel much more better.

the test itself wasn't as easy as 2 and 2 is 4. but now, after a couple of hours and analysis I must say that it wasn't as difficult as I thought it was. yep, my first idea was something like: 'it's all for the birds'. of course I have to take the bad with the good but there's nothing to beef about. of course there were some exercises which were looking at me questioningly, far from being resolved and I was like 'are you taking me for a ride or something?!' but, after all, this exam should be treated like a hotel bedroom (trash it and then move on).  

as I'm not off-colour at all, it's time to get ready for tomorrow's boost of adrenaline.



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{I know I should post my work here but I'm as busy as a beaver due to my exams. 
mea culpa.}

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