por fin es viernes

ja ja ja, bald werde ich dick wenns so geht 

die zichorie (meine neue liebe)

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komm, wir nehmen das was uns gefällt

meine erste Tage in der Arbeit sind vorbei.  die Arbeit macht mir viel viel Spaß und  manchmal tut es mir Leid, dass ich Jura nicht studieren wollte/werde. 

aber das Wetter ist nicht so traumhaft. eigentlich kann ich sagen, dass es ein Mistwetter ist. und wenn ich nach Hause zurückkomme, kann ich die Sonnenstrahlen nicht genießen.  ja, ich hab mal gesagt, dass ich micht nicht sonne, aber ich habe Sommerferien und es wäre nett, wenn ich ein bisschen braun würde.

was noch kann ich sagen??? mein Abi ist mir echt gut gegangen und jetzt muss ich noch 4 Tage warten und dann wird es klar, ob ich mein Studium in Warschau beginnen kann. hoffentlich klappt alles.

grüzzi :*:*:*

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 I had a way then losing it all on my own
I had a heart then but the queen has been overthrown
and I'm not sleeping now the dark is too hard to beat
and I'm not keeping now the strength I need to push me

[ Lights by Ellie Goulding]

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yeah yeah yeah yeah

it's official: time to begin my summer holidays 2011 !!!


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I did send you a note on the wind for to read

there's nothing better than a cup of hot chocolate with vanilla and cinnamon when it's raining cats and dogs and you're sitting comfortably in your room. a delicious enjoyment, in a word. anyway I decided to squeeze out into the town for a short walk just to step off the treadmill and clear my head. I can't say I came to any in-depth conclusion but there are certain things in my life I have to dwell upon at times.

yesterday I was doing a small research on tourist attractions in Silesia. I came across some photos of Nikiszowiec. it's a housing estate in Katowice. well, some may probably think there's nothing to laud but this place (its architecture, history, atmosphere and people) has always been some kind of an inspiration to me. maybe it's not the place where I'd love to settle in for the rest of my life (I guess it's reserved for the natives). anyway it seems to me that the Nikiszowiec estate lives its own way and it's one of those places where you can easily lose  sense of time.

I guess I need some holiday as I've been feeling all in for the last few weeks and I'm slowly becoming an awkward customer.

besos :*:*:*

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I can make it digitally bright

I try to brave the oppressive heat of summer everytime I venture outside. effortlessly. the only thing I'm dreaming of is an air-conditioner turned up full blast cause it seems that the sticky heat feels itself at home. I know I should not bemoan but my attention span has been a way too short recently. if it goes on like this, I'll be forced to burn the midnight oil and this, for sure, won't do me a fat lot of good .

well, time to gravitate to my bookshelf. mr. Thackeray is waiting .

beijos :*:*:*

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searching the world for what's right here

1. POR FIN ES VIERNES!!!! time for a well-deserved weekend lie in with a cup of coffee and a good book (I'm currently exploring The Book Of Snobs by William Makepeace Thackeray).

2. I had to beat another nuit blanche which ruined my day perfectly. I'm sorry for being so grumpy today but I've been keeping my body and soul together. all day long.

3. I pampered myself with a new nail polish. its colour is called Found My Love. quite symbolical.

4. my diet is over. not to say I'm coming back to gobbling but when I saw my reflection in the mirror, I got the impression that I'm no longer moving into the right direction. after all changing my size from 42 to 34/36 within less than a year is a pretty good result, isn't it?

5. a red-letter day is about to come.

beijos :*

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