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what the hell was that?! I woke up in the early morning (as my school starts at 7:10 on fridays) and to my surprise it was really warm. while driving to school dad was trying to warn me that it won't be so nice later in the morning. I thought he was just joking with me. he wasn't. as the minutes were passing by, I could see no more sun. only rainy clouds. well, I'm used to such a horrible weather and I usually don't mind but today I was wearing rather unsuitable clothes: spring dress and a jacket (which was from the winter collection but anyway it was the kind of winter seen with the eyes of zara' designers living in sunny spain). to make the story more tragic I must say that today we were at the cinema to see another film on the life of John Paul II. that means thousands of minutes of walking in bad weather conditions!!! not only did the wind make me feel terribly cold but it also ruined my hair completely. and to make it all as drastic as possible the film itself was boring. maybe I shouldn't say so but I'm kinda sick of all those films on John Paul II. of course, I admire him and remember feeling so sorry and sad after his death in 2005 but we can't turn back the time. he's gone and our life goes on. in my opinion we should focus more on the things he wanted to teach us rather than make films or build monuments or whatever. almost everybody knows his biography but we don't have a clue what's written in his books and other works. but maybe it's just my point of view.


{chocolate + hot milk on a windy day = yummy!!!}

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