chemical planes in the sky (let the babies run wild)

time to say 'hello' to spring!!! even though it's been with us for only a couple of days, it can be easily felt everywhere. not to say I don't like winter (well, in fact I love it) but a small change in the weather will do me good. I don't know why but saving the whole world from disatser is much more easier when there are rays of sun. indeed. anyway, I heard some strange news that winter is about to come back during the weekend. but, as the glass is always half full, weekend starts on saturday and that means that friday should be sunny. 

recently I've been working on some german stuff (just in case, let's say) and I came across a very nice subject to discuss. well, maybe the whole subject itself is obvious but I like the quote it begins with.

sag es mir und ich vergesse es; zeige es mir und ich erinnere mich; lass es mich tun und ich behalte es 

so now, it seems that I'm going to leave you with this food for thought and come back to those  just in case things.


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