tell everyone you know (open up the door)

when I woke up, the first phrase that came to my mind was our one and only WTF?! and when I looked at the wall on facebook I realised that it wasn't only my idea to say so. it seems that everyone in poland went a bit bananas when they looked through their windows in the early morning. why? it's obvious. after 5 days of spring (apart from yesterday's prank) we could see snow. yes: s n o w. so the weather forecast wasn't lying. thank god the white fluff started melting after midday and I guess it's already vanished. 

I spent almost the whole day writing an essay on the didactic character of the enlightenment (based on one painting and one book or poem). yep, pretty interesting. anyway, I would have to write it sooner or later and today it was the perfect time (or actually the last deadline) to do it. 

and now it's the time to chill out a bit with some good music :)


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  1. i was scared when i saw the snow ;/ it was horrible.