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today I'll be honest and I'll tell the truth. I'M A BIT TIRED. but just a bitj. anyway I am. I've been doing english and german for ages! during the weekend I managed to write 6 essays for german. not to say it was hard for me (cause of course it wasn't) but I'd say it was kinda irritating. I can't get why am I supposed to be an expert on everything. just look at the subjects of my essays:

modenschau-fragliche unterhaltung für exzentriker. das trägt sowieso niemand. stimmst du mit dieser these zu? begründe deine meiung

ist es gut, wenn mehrere generationen zusammen wohnen? welche probleme können auftreten? beschreibe die vor- und nachteile!

nach dem eintirtt polens in die europäische union öffnen sich vor dem jungen polen viele berufliche perspektiven. begründe deine meiung

+ some other interesting topics connected with environment and voluntary work. not to say I didn't know what to write but when you're to write about new work perspectives in the EU and you're not that into the matter itself, you spend most of the time surfing the net and looking for anything that would help you start the first sentence. or when you're asked to express your opinion on genetic engineering. of course, most of us know more or less what it is but to say more, you really should get familiar with the structure of DNA, transformation or molecular cloning. it's easier when you're really into the science of eugenics (just like me) but some still think that 'eugenics' stands for a certain name. and the worst thing is that during the real exam the examiner won't pay any attention to my personal opinion. I'll just have to do what I'll be told. so I may be for and I may be against. nobody would care. anyway, there's nothing to be worried about. maybe it's even better cause I tend to say kinda drastic things when people ask me to express and justify my point of view.


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