the day opens up on the world like a dream

spring is about to come and it's already in the air!!! and how am I supposed to learn anything when the only thing I'm dreaming of is a very long walk or playing with my kittens in the garden. anyway, I'm forcing myself to do summat about my final exams in may and that's why I spent most of my weekend writing essays for german and analysing poems for polish. well, I guess I'm supposed to complain right now. but will it change anything? will I have less to do? will somebody come and give me a helpful hand (by 'helpful hand' I mean doing half of my work)? of course not. and actually there's no need to complain. after laughter come tears and vice versa so  even if I'm having really hard time right now, there's still hope that tomorrow will be a much more brighter day. 

I guess, I should be off now. I can see another interesting text to read 'Haare im Gesicht'. and as I got from the exercises under it, it's gonna be about shaving. vair vair 'interesting'.


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