you're never gonna dance again

it's official: my adventure with secondary school is over and, according to my form tutor's words, I can go at alrge.estoy contento.now it's time to spend 4 months of well-deserved holidays in blissful light-heartedness. most of my peers would do so. but, as I'm not most of my peers, I'm not going to bother myself up with such trivial activities.

I'm trying to familiarize myself with the CAE exam (yep, the one I passed 2 years ago). and what? there we go again? not at all. now it's time to look at it from the examiner's perspective. or, when it comes to Part 5 (Speaking), from both: the assessor' and the interlocutor's perspective. not to say it's all that difficult and complicated but I've never thought that as the interlocutor I'm  responsible only for awarding the candidate's 'global achievement' while being the assessor enables me to give marks for all those icings on the cake like: grammatical resource, vocabulary resource, discourse management, pronounciation and interactive communication.

so, my plan for the next few weeks is to pick up as much knowledge as possible as it seems to be the only thing  able to release my mind from the tyranny of everyday life

bisous :*:*:*

|| today we all celebrate Mother's Day and that's why I'd like to THANK MY ONE AND ONLY MUM FOR GIVING ME THE GIFT OF LIFE.||

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