one short step from eternal art into artificial eternity

well, that's what I look  like without all that 'muck' on my face. in other words: no makeup.

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  1. i think u don't use a lot of make up. do u use foundation?

  2. of course I do.

    'a lot of' is very relative so it's hard to say whether I really don't put that much makeup on my face.

    anyway, I'm apt to pay more attention to the quality not the quantity and I'm a great fan of 'makeup-no-makeup' as I have dark eyebrows and hair so stronger eyeshadows don't make me look any good.

    + I don't need a lot of makeup as my skin is in a very good condition. I don't smoke nor drink, avoid unhealthy food and try to spend as much of my free time as possible breathing fresh air so that my whole body gets all those most important minerals and stuff like that.

  3. i love your eyebrows and hair :) can you say which foundation do you use?

  4. parure aqua (colour no.02) from guerlain (applied on my cheeks) , anti-blemish solutions (colour no.03) from clinique (applied on my forehead) and hydreane teinte (colour no.01)from la roche-posay (applied on my nose)

    I usually apply all of them at once