you are perfection

at the very beginning I guess I should apologize for a small delay in posting. I just had to brace myself and take a rain check on some significant things. 

yep, yep, yep. yesterday I had to deal with my final exam in the language of Göthe and Schlierenzauer. I've been losing my cool all day and simply couldn't collect myself. the perspective of writing the exam gave me creeps. and to crown it all, I was a way too much aware of all those sick expectations and peer pressure. but after all I got a fair crack of the whip, 
didn't I?

but now, zur Sache, the exam itself beggars description as it was beyond my wildest dreams! it was like a little joke. a very good one. indeed. and when I saw the topic of the essay I was happy as a fuck and felt like writing about myself.

in other words: I'm home and dry. 

besos :*

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