a joke you've believed in

the most awaited day of the retreat 2011! not because it was the last one but because of the visit  to our local theatre. 

the performance, entitled 'Our God's Brother', was based on the tragedy written by Karol Wojtyła. the whole idea of the plot and its message was clear: to show the inner  metamorphosis of Adam Chmielowski(polish painter and rebel) . to most of us he's known as Albert Chmielowski, the founder of the Albertines. the aim of the performance was of course to show his inner battle with emotions, others' opinions and reactions and all those things that follow in the wake of all those hard and out-of-ordinary decisions we make. 

my opinion?

well, when I was leaving the theatre, I had some kind of a mess in my head. I guess I had been expecting something completely different. some roles were played by my teacher. and I remember him telling us about the work with Andrzej Rozhin who directed the performance. and, as far back as I can remember, he was very excited about the whole thing itself. he told us that everything in the performance would have the finishing touches put on etc. actually he was right! the actors' play was so polished up that it seemed so unnatural. their diction was so perfect that, as the plot was developing, it was more and more disturbing. 
the other thing is that some scenes were a bit too long (especially the final ones). I was just sitting there, knowing the whole message and waiting for the scene to end. it was really irritating at the very end when my stomach started reminding me of its existence.

but of course there were some really good points of te performance. the first thing I noticed was the superb stage design (by Ryszard Melliwa) . and of course the costumes! the next thing that I really admired was the music by Andrzej Zarycki. a real masterpiece. too bad they're not going to sell the whole soundtrack. the music was usually combined with great, let's say, visual effects. by 'visual effects' I mean photos on slides which accompained all those inner transformations of the main character. I can easily say that they set the scene. 

when I came back home, it was time to teleport myself to a completely different worl. yep, the world of Gombrowicz. or actually the world of Me, Myself and I, as my world is full of surrealism and absurd, too. 

{perhaps I should cut on sushi. once I found on the net an article about a man from Japan who used to suffer from chronic headaches. nobody knew the reason why. and when the doctors decided to open his brain (they cut out most of his skin on his head - it was shown on the photo!!!), they saw a lot of insects. as it turned out later, the man was a great fan of sushi and could devour it all the time. that's why those insects settled down in his head. it was horrible. and sometimes I see this tragic vision in my nightmares. but the difference is that he used to eat sushi with raw fish and I'm a vegetarian who constantly refuses to eat any kind of meat in any form.}

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