frankie says: 'relax'

well, it seems that today's weather reflects my feelings perfectly. I've been feeling a bit under the weather from the ver beginning of the early morning. my bed didn't want me to get up. but I had to face the reality as I have a lot of things to do today. I'm already almost done with polish. of course there's still an essay waiting to be written but somehow I'm not in the right mood to do so. especially because of its subject: polish modern literature. I want to write it in an interesting and out-of-ordinary way, not the one we're taught during our years of education. that's why I've been thinking of various excuses to postpone my contact with a pen and a blank piece of paper. of course I've found one: m a t h s. I usually kill time with maths. it helps me relieve stress and get rid of all this bad karma all around me. indeed.

my flat in warsaw will have been ready to move in by the end of august. yesterday mum and dad had a meeting with our new architect. as it turned out she knows my new district pretty well as she's already designed about 9 flats there. she also said that a lot of young people lived there. so there should be something interesting going on almost all the time as we, young students. are really sociable. not that I'm a real party animal but I'm happy that I'll be surrounded by people like me who won't mind my loud music. a little entertainment and music education won't hurt, right?


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