conditions normal and you're coming home

 it's friday again! and again I'm planning to spend it with my favourite books. yep, I mean the ones for my final exams in english. I have a lot of stuff to do tonight thus I'll have more free time tomorrow (my mum suggested going shopping to stress me out) and I'll finally focus on maths. 

but I guess it's high time I skipped my final exams for a while as all my recent posts touch on them. it seems that I can rabbit on it for hours and hours. and you all must be fed up with this subject itself so let's move onto something new. 

today I've finally plucked up the courage to say a big 'welcome back' to my fringe!!! almost everyone thought that I visited my hairdresser. and so did my mum!!! imagine their facial expressions when I told them I had done it all by myself. well, actually there's nothing to talk about. I didn't even use scissors. I've only styled my hair in a different way. and to do so I don't need professional help.

I saw the weather forecast and they said that los dias soleados would be back :) they're welcome as flowers in may. indeed. finally I'll have smile de oreja a oreja :)


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