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I've just deleted all my blog entries. Strange. But some time ago I started feeling a desperated need to change summat. And so I did. Not that I want to forget about all the stuff that happened but....I feel like standing in front of two roads and having to choose the only one. If I were to choose, it'll be the less travelled by. And it'd make the whole difference. That is why I deleted this and that and now I'm heading into a completely new direction. Of course, I'm not going to focus inly on fashion and the latest trends. I'd also like to share some important moments in my life. And, as every day is such a moment, I promise to post more often so that it's not a deda page anymore. 

But before, I'd love to share with you some of the best memories I'll keep in mind forever and ever.


 zell am see, austria

salzburg, austria

villach, austria

planica, slovenia

university, warsaw


3 or 4 am = the best time for shooting

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