envie de se faire plasir

it's getting warmer and warmer and school's out for the retreat! actually the retreat will last only 3 days but then we'll welcome the one and only weekend, so that means that today's the beginning of an endless freedom :)

as I have more time, I do much more than usual. first of all, it's time to read 'Trans-Atlantyk' by Gombrowicz. I've only read about 30 pages so far but the reading itself was enjoyable though kinda specific. I guess the book  will have been finished by the end of the retreat as I'm planning to carry it with me anywhere I go. 

the other thing is that my heart has already been stolen! I used to say that eating vegetarian sushi is like ordering a salad in McDonald's. but I guess I was wrong. as my refrigerator got defrosted (don't ask me how, I don't have a clue cause I found it out when my mum told me in the early morning), I had to 'organise' a dinner for myself. so I decided to give a try and bought maki with cucumber and sesame. not only did it look perfect, but it also tasted great. so now it's official: I'm a great fan of vegetarian sushi and I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and tea!


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